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Video One

Fengqiao scenic area is to the temple, ancient bridges, ancient customs, town and the ancient canal "Wugu" tour of the main content of the provincial-level scenic spots. The poetry of the Tang Dynasty Song "midnight bells" describes this dense and broadness of artistic conception, make the area becomes the Chinese and foreign visitors longing for more.

Video Two

The song was inspired by the Tang Dynasty "fengqiaoyebo". A, Chen Xiaoqi occasionally reread "midnight bells", think "Jiangfeng Yuhuo worry about sleeping on" such words let reverie as, want to use this to write a song. Chen Xiaoqi created the song is to reflect the state of their this generation of people, is in a kind of traditional culture and modern culture. Chen Xiaoqi to express at the edge of the state in confusion, and wrote the lyrics "this one old tickets can board your ship".

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