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Ticket information

The Maple Bridge Tourist Zone ticket price

The tickets are 25 yuan

1. the scenic spot ticket location: ticket booth (He Shanmen, Jiang Village, Tieling bridge closed,Scenic East Entrance)

2. ticket description:

6 years of age (including) or children's height of 1.4 meters (inclusive) the following free of charge, 70 years old above the old man with an identity card free of charge, active duty soldiers, disabled persons with valid documents free of charge

6 years of age (not including) children -18 years of age (including 18 years of age) minors, full-time undergraduate and the following education in school students, 60 years of age (including) to 69 years of age with valid documents to buy tickets.

Tickets for the scenic spot tickets, the other charges are: Beijing Hangzhou canal boat 30yuan, 20yuan Suzhou pingtan.

Suzhou Fengqiao scenic area opening time: 7:00-17:30.



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