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The Maple Bridge Tourist Zone located 3.5 kilometres west of Suzhou ancient river transport, covers an area of about 10 hectares, is to Hanshan Temple, Jiangfeng ancient bridge, iron bell customs ancient, Fengqiao town and the ancient canal "Wugu" tour of the main content of the provincial-level scenic spots.

Scenic area has a long history, since the Sui and Tang Dynasties of the ancient canal bred Fengqiao town prosperity; built in the Liang Dynasty Hanshan Temple incense continues to this day; Tang Dynasty poetry of song "midnight bells" describes this dense and broadness of artistic conception, make the area to become a foreign visitors aspire to; Ming Dynasty anti hit pirates, traces of iron bell customs as Suzhou, the west gate of a barrier.

In 1986, Fengqiao scenic spots of the project by National Tourism Bureau included in the "Seventh Five Year Plan" to start construction, after years of development, now the area shops, town market outlook of of primitive simplicity, one side Linhe, twists and turns, with typical of the canal water village style. We have open sights, maple, Maple Garden Tourism Project iron bell customs "Fengqiao town water", from the maple etc.. Jiang Qiao Cun, maple well-known since ancient times, dating back more than 1100 years of history; between the famous Hanshan Temple Temple, built in the Six Dynasties beam Daitian supervision (502 ~ 519 years). Iron bell customs built in the Ming Jiajing thirty-six years (1557), the Qing Dynasty nine years (1829) reconstruction, also known as maple Lou, Suzhou is the only existing anti Japanese ruins; in recent years, and the restoration of the scenic spot lamp, the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Tang, a neighborhood cottage before Du Jiangfeng; add the ancient stage, fishing village, listen to the hidden clock bridge folk architecture; "caoyun exhibition hall" the use of advanced lighting technology, forty model ship and graphic, introduce and demonstrate the water transport history and culture; "Suyi Celebrity Square" gathered a dozen Suzhou folk art masters, works and performances; the southern area to the maple trees create Qujingtongyou, 100 poetic scenery. Now the formation of natural beauty, rich cultural landscape, historical sites, rich cultural connotation, cultural connotation of the scenic area, a strong appreciation of the Suzhou, is the best choice.

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