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Secretary Lu Jianrong field guide bridge area flood prevention work


July 2, 9 in the morning, the provincial meteorological observatory issued a blue rainstorm warning signal, at 11 o'clock in the morning, Fengqiao canal water level exceeding the warning line is about 1 meter. Continuous rainfall in the canal water level rise, resulting in Fengqiao scenic part of the low-lying area was flooded river, scenic area flood control work situation grim.

For the safety of the flood season, on the morning of July 2, Bureau Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Lu Jianrong to Fengqiao scenic spots and guide the flood control work, specifically to see the scenic spots throughout the level, check the marina, waterfront platform and water diffuse the flood control measures. Management office is responsible for site reported recently to the flood control work: management office the first time start emergency plans, suspended water scenic tour project; security, Garden tube line overnight in the area of low-lying, water is easy to diffuse to grab and pull the warning line; in iron bell customs along the canal around building water-proof dykes and dams; to prepare in advance sand bags may occur in late flood; and actively do a good job of flood prevention with the river, the street and so on.

Lu fully affirmed the management of the flood control work, the next step to work to put forward the guidance and requirements. Management department will further strengthen the organization and leadership, the implementation of security responsibilities; strengthen duty patrol, found in a timely manner to inform the disposal of dangerous situation, to ensure the safety of scenic spots.

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