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Fengqiao scenic area management office to do civilized tourism volunteer service


To further improve the summer scenic security work, to promote the civilization tour to carry out propaganda work, Fengqiao Scenic Area Management Office for the arrival of the summer travel peak, to the community open recruitment tourism service volunteers. On August 2, although 38 degrees high temperature baked in the city of Suzhou, but enthusiastic public volunteers in scenic main entrances and exits of the posts, braved the intense heat of summer hot for visitors to travel guide, civilization Tour propaganda and attractions to explain the work and visitors alike.

First day came to the scenic spot to carry out volunteer sister money said after the end of the volunteer work: "can let visitors from all corners of the country, through my explanation, understand Fengqiao, know Suzhou gardens, I am a very meaningful thing. To help others, to pass civilization and culture, I hope to have more people to join our team." Visitors are also generally reflected, the service of the volunteers to enhance their tour of the scenic spot, a sense of happiness, to help them more in-depth experience of Suzhou culture. The next step, Fengqiao scenic area will expand cooperation with colleges and universities in the vicinity, continue to expand the area volunteer team, complete and perfect volunteer training and management system, further enhance the volunteer management and service level.



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