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"Good luck Fengqiao" caoyun culture festival grand opening


The morning of September 19th, for a period of 30 days "2015 Fengqiao Canal Culture Festival" in Fengqiao scenic curtain, the Cultural Festival according to the purpose of the festival to do "lively, happy, color, actual effect", with "good luck" Fengqiao as the theme, with "water transport of grain to the capital, good fortune and luck" as the main line, to create a a both cultural and entertainment, participate in the maple autumn garden event.

Restoration open Cao ceremony is one of the highlights of this year the maple autumn garden activities, by playing pray Yun Le, Thang Long flag, pray water transport, jump K-One dance, recite the prayer the, blessing of water transport of grain to the capital, into K-One ceremony and other aspects. K-One after the ceremony, composed of charge grain soldiers, porters, tour of the team to start out performing, starting from the Fengqiao iron bell customs. After Maple Street, and main street to reach the door Wu ancient stage. During the Cultural Festival, a blessing of water transport performance throughout, usually every afternoon a, weekend and other holidays every morning, afternoon game.

Another highlight of the activities -- "transit tickets" role play (Cosplay) creative interaction during the holidays, the theme of "Maple Bridge at night," old tickets during the event with tickets and gifts. The ticket is a bookmark, has set chapter function. Tourists in chapter sets at the important scenic spots to see the staff acting as soldiers, fisherman, peddler, waiter, image throughout the seal and sell sprout. Collect the specified 6 attractions seal, tourists have the opportunity to receive a limited edition "is at the transit of rice" 1.

In addition, "Fengqiao charm" song and dance performances, open the granaries "," Wumen Bazhen "hand market, opening ship boxing performances and 'Orange' celebrate superabundant" activity also in water transport culture festival staged brilliant.

Water transport of grain to the capital is a kind of economic system, the history of our country specific, refers to the ancient Chinese government will be in Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan and other province levy on the payroll, by water transport (or sometimes part land) solution toward the capital or other designated locations. "Su Lake cooked, the world is enough, along the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal in Suzhou is a water transport of grain to the capital is an important transit, is grain is one of the land. Fengqiao town west of Suzhou, was born in the canal, Xing to water transport, along the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal, the famous city commerce and food distribution center, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties become the country's largest rice and bean market.

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